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Usage and connection guide for the SmartBoards

Screen connections

One table console and one screen are marked '1', the other console and screen are marked '2'. The matrix selector is in console '2'. It has the following setup:

  • Screen 1 'Off', 'Mac', 'DVI-1', 'VGA-1'
  • Screen 2 'Off', 'Mac', 'DVI-2'

Any combination of selections for screen 1 and 2 are possible and currently works.

Usb connections

For smartboard functionality (i.e., to be able to 'draw' and not just show the computer screen) a USB connection between the computer and smartboard is also needed.

  1. For screen 2, the usb in console '2' *overrides* the one from the mac. This means that the USB connection is established automatically between either the MAC or the console as long as you make sure to always unplug the usb in the console when not using it, i.e., never have the console usb connected while trying to use the smartboard with the mac.
  2. For screen 1, currently (more on this below) one needs to manually re-plug the usb on the wall socket next to the smartboard between the console usb and the mac.
  3. The table microphone/speaker combo are plugged in and works, but the cable currently goes “down” into the console which is not perfectly nice. (more on this below)
  4. There is a dvi-splitter that always copies the content of screen '1' also to the smaller screen on the MAC table. This appears to work well.

Regarding point 2: we intend shortly to correct this so that screen 1 USB switch in the same way as screen 2.

Regarding point 3: we intend to correct this shortly so that the table microphone and speaker should be connected to the socket marked “MIC” in console 1.

We also plan to shortly replace the matrix switch label with a more nice one.

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