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exciting is mainly developed by the group of Claudia Draxl at the Physics Institute of the Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Germany.

exciting is a full-potential all-electron density-functional-theory (DFT) package based on the linearized augmented plane-wave (LAPW) method. It is freely available for download.

exciting documentation

exciting basics

Will be updated with more information later on.

  • Most recent version is exciting Lithium
  • If using for the first time, check the tutorials in the link above
  • For setting up at NSC, see link above
  • For questions on running/using exciting, contact Weine Olovsson (NSC/IFM)

further information

exciting is a branch of the original EXC!TiNG code, see history. A different branch is the Elk open source code, which can be found at

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